to love mr. lesley...

is to love...
the outdoors, fig newtons, ancient rome, and hockey...
after attending not one, but two hockey games this weekend, i think i am slowly but surely becoming a fan.

first of all, a fan of the detroit red wings.
and second of all, a fan of hockey.

mr. lesley, i promise i will be the epitome of a super fan next time.
i will scream and cheer and paint my chest...or something:)

thanks for being patient with me.


  1. New friend Hannah,
    First you went against the Broncos, to which, you know how I felt.

    Now, it's not so much that you're going against the Avs, because I really couldn't care less about hockey; but, the Red Wings? Even I know that's not okay.

    Don't ever let me catch you calling yourself a native...

  2. I think we would be great friends! I am trying to get into hockey right now and am completely obsessed w/ Pho. Loving your blog!