i love my sister. i love christmas. winning.

monday night my sister, aaron, mr. lesley, and i got together to celebrate christmas (since mr. lesley and i will be in michigan for christmas this year). 

we ate a delicious dinner...
baked cupcakes...
and opened PRESENTS! 
(you may wonder why there are envelopes under the tree. well, it's a funny (or not so funny) story.
apparently, if you order christmas gifts online, you have to put the correct shipping address because if you don't, you don't get your gifts. 
epic fail.
so instead of being able to open her actual presents, calley got to open envelopes with pictures of her presents. 
note to self, learn your new address.)
even though i dropped the ball, there wasn't a lack of christmas cheer as we opened our gifts.
fortunately, i got calley some other things that she could actually open:)
although i'm sad we won't be together on christmas day, i am so thankful that we had a christmas celebration of our very own.

i love my family so much.

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