happy birthday new friend kim!

today is new friend kim's birthday, but since she is living it up in new mexico for the holidays, we celebrated her a couple weeks ago.

she had the brilliant idea of having a fro yo buffet of sorts with a great spread of topping choices.
since we are both OBSESSED with fro yo, we were both in heaven, which is a pretty good state of mind to be in when celebrating your birthday.
we loaded up our bowls...
and played an amazing game of "the free game" or "poop-tionary"
(or whatever other name you call it).

and you know whenever tim tebow=jesus, your game is a success.
i am so thankful to have met new friend kim this year and be able to celebrate her over fro yo.
i love her because...
we can share stories of just how ridiculous it can be teaching middle school, discuss theology, and pound down fro yo with the best of them, all in the same hangout sesh. 

she's awesome, and i'm so glad she was born.

feliz cumpleanos, new friend kim!

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  1. You are too sweet. And? Your Spanish is getting so good. You could be my dream man.