charcoal...fancy without being intimidating.

guess what? 
mr. lesley officially finished his first semester of grad school!

in honor of his accomplishment, we decided to try out a new restaurant (charcoal)  in our neighborhood (yes, we live about 2.5 minutes away from each other:) 

it surely did not disappoint. 
the bacon rapped figs blew mr. lesley away (seriously, i don't think he stopped talking about them all night), our main dishes of chicken and duck were delicious...
and the mini desserts were both adorable and mind blowing.
and most importantly, when this guy is happy with smaller portions and doesn't ask to stop at wendy's afterwards, you know the place is good.
i'm so proud of you, mr. lesley.

you are smart.
you are brave.

and i love you.


  1. I wanna move to your neighborhood and eat at fancy restaurants with you guys! how's the korean honeymoon shaping up? you know you want to spend your honeymoon with friends! ha! love you :)

  2. That's a good picture of Nick! You appear to be a professional photographer (and he appears to be a model). You should put that in some kind of portfolio.