journey: the fifth best american rock band in history

it all began on wednesday night during small group...
mr. lesley brought up journey (pretty normal topic of discussion:)  and the next thing i knew, nancy was inviting me to go with her and krista to the journey concert.
in the back of my head, i just thought she was being nice and that would be the end of it.
but when she emailed me the next day telling me she was going to buy me a ticket and i was going, case closed, i knew she meant business.

and to top it all off, last night's agenda included even more than the concert.
in krista's words "i went to a dinner party, then a house party, and then to a concert! this is the best night ever!"

this is how it all went down...
we started at justin and nancy's for a little dinner and drinks action. 
nancy's "campers' cocktail" and i hit it off right from the start.
the food and company were lovely too. 

next, we went to a friend's house for a little socializing then it was TIME.

we grabbed some beverages, and hit the road with our trusty chauffeurs for the evening (thanks luke and justin!) 
the venue was PACKED! 
so after finding us a prime spot on the grass, i did what any normal girl would do...
put my hair in a side ponytail STAT.
now why didn't anyone remind me to bring my scrunchie?
all i have to say is that when journey took the stage, i couldn't stop fist pumping.
or admiring arnel pineda's white skinny jeans.
or his split jumping skills for that matter.
our fist pumps morphed into outstretched arms and finally to head banging. 
it just made sense.
they rocked, and rocked, and rocked.
well, until the 11 o'clock sound cap.
greenwood village is no new york city, barcelona, or tel aviv that's for sure.
we don't joke around about our sleep.
and before we knew it, it was time for the stage to explode with confetti and everyone to go home:(
this night will definitely go down in the record books. 

thank you ladies for welcoming me with open arms, reminding me that i shouldn't stop believing, and giving me a night that was just the way i wanted it.

you two are the best.
journey, you're not too bad either.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Love when the moment is captured on film. Cheers.