i like guest post now. no bigs.

now i just need some sponsors and maybe an etsy shop, and i'll have definitely arrived in the blogosphere:) 
check out my guest post over at welcome to the laundromat.

and have a happy friday while you're at it.


  1. MOG - you are so cool. I wish I was like you.

    I once had someone tell me I could guest blog. Somehow Kevin got involved in being part of me guest blogging. Wouldn't you know, he let me down. Egh. It's all his fault that I'm not a famous writer, yet. Stupid.

    (And I can totally post this without fear of him ever seeing it because he doesn't understand blogs. Stupid.)

  2. You know I'm jealous. Nice work!

  3. Im checking it out right now!! Happy Friday, hope you have a great weekend :)