marathon countdown: 11 days

(thanks steph!)

so, i'm like running a marathon in 11 days, and maybe (just maybe) i'm kinda freaking out.

what if i can't find the perfect race outfit (the most important thing after all)? 
what if my blisters take over my feet and i'm forced to have mr. lesley push me in a wheelchair through the course? 
what if i trip and fall into the fans? 
what if i poop my pants because i don't want to stop for a bathroom break (it's been known to happen folks!)? 
what if i get 3 miles in and forget how to run? 
what if my ipod dies (oh the horror!)? 

and the million dollar question...
what if i die right before crossing the finish line?

until all these questions and more are answered, i will just keep breathing into my paper bag and try to remain calm. 

everything will be just fine, right? 
oh lord, i hope so.


  1. You will be great!!! It is really hard but when you are done that feeling is amazing. :)

    (And my mid-marathon poop was the most freeing one ever!)

  2. once you start running, all those fears will melt away and you'll just fall into a rhythm. best of luck to you!

  3. You can do it!!!!! You're inspiring, really inspiring....

  4. Good luck this weekend! I ran Denver as my first marathon in 2009 and loved the course!! You will do fine, just try to enjoy it, you only have your 1st marathon once :)