and my mind is blown...

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so maybe i'm not hard to impress these days, but i just have to tell you about 2 things that have changed my life.

are you ready? 

1. spotify
i can listen to basically whatever album i want...
make playlists...
find out about new music from my fb peeps...
all without paying a DIME.
if you know what's good for you, you will stop and download it now.

2. salley hansen salon effects
i used them for the first time this weekend, and i was amazed.
i was washing my hands, putting on clothes, and going about my normal life only seconds after doing my nails.
and they didn't get screwed up!
i tried to explain to mr. lesley what a big deal this was, but he just...didn't...get...it.
either way, i'm hooked. 

all i have to say now is...
you're welcome.


  1. a friend just told me about spotify the other day, but i didn't really "get it" at first? definitely need to give it another shot!

  2. You should paint Nick's nails. Please.

  3. I'm obsessed with these nail effects, I have tried 4 patterns so far <3! Anything that keeps me from looking like a 5 year old painted me nails is A-Ok in my book ;)