pictured rocks...dominated.

we woke up, ate the breakfast of camping champions (oatmeal of course), and were on our way to munising. 

using our trusty maps and the advice of a guide at the visitor's center who bore a significant resemblance to dwight schrute, we left to explore the surrounding waterfalls, beaches, and hiking trails. 

first on the agenda...miners falls.
the view and easy walk to the falls were a great start to the morning. 
next we enjoyed our first views of pictured rocks and sat down for a nice picnic lunch before starting our hike for the afternoon.
(fyi: next time, i want to be on one of those kayaks.)
then it was time to start our 9 mile hike. 
overachievers much? 
the beautiful views made it worth it.
oh, and it was prime squatch territory.
yes, mr. lesley has made me into a squatch hunter.
he dreams of the day he can take sir winston out on the open road in search of the creature he is sure exists. 
i've decided it's more fun to believe in the possibility that they exist than insist that they don't. 
and watching "finding bigfoot" may have influenced me a little as well.

we quickly discovered our second waterfall of the day, mosquito falls...
our first wildlife friend...
(see little bambi in the second photo.)
and our first heart sighting! 
then we made our way across the treacherous water...
well, it was slippery. 
laced up our shoes and continued our hike. 
the combo of the rock formations and turquoise water were nothing short of breathtaking.
our final stop of the hike was chapel beach, where mr. lesley swore he found squatch tracks. 
most of our trek had been rather cloudy, but when we got to the beach the sun finally came out! 
and we soaked up every second of it! 
our favorite sight of the day was this tree/rock combo...
what an amazing tree! 
and this guy growing sideways was also one for the books.
and i can't be on a beach without making a heart in the sand:) 
on our way back to the car, we ran into this little fellow.
hello sir, please don't kill me. 
after our long (5 hours...yikes) hike, we drove back to our campsite, conveniently located right
on the water, where we enjoyed the sunset...
made a fire...
and dined on mac and cheese and s'mores!
good, good day.


  1. wow, the tree/rock combo is amazing. looks like a lovely time!

  2. 5 hour hike?! you must really like mr. lesley ;). also, you guys need to go to jackson. seriously. go.

  3. This day looks amazing and those pictures of the beauty around you rock! I really wish I could hike. Ha.