last days in the pleasant peninsula.

we soaked up our last couple days at the lesley residence by drinking coffee (with cool whip on top, of course...it's the lesley way)...
and fishing at the golf course in mr. lesley's backyard...
i can't say i caught anything, but i learned a mean cast.
then it was time to drive back to grand rapids to join his fam for an amos lee concert at the frederik meijer gardens and sculpture park
it was a great performance by mr. lee, but, i must say, the opener, mutlu, was kinda the superstar of the night. 
you should probably check out his music if you know what's good for ya. 
on the way back from the show we were blessed with one beautiful sunset.
on our last day in michigan, i completed my tour and saw my last great lake, lake heron on the beach in the saginaw bay.
on our last morning, we said our goodbyes to mr. lesley's parents and flew back to denver.
it was a little easier to bid them farewell since we set up a facebook for mrs. lesley and taught her all the 
michigan, i think you won me over.
looks like you'll see me again soon.

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  1. I LOVE Michigan in the summertime :). I went to Calvin College and Grand Rapids will always have a special place in my heart!