"Say yah to da U.P., eh!"

no vacation with mr. lesley would be complete without some camping action.
this eagle scout doesn't do to well with extended periods indoors. 
and i like a good jaunt in the forest, so we decided to spend a few days in michigan's upper peninsula (the UP).

we stopped for lunch in mackinaw city and enjoyed our sandwiches in the sunshine, with a great view of the bridge thrown in for good measure.

we made it to the other side...
...and finally arrived at our campsite...
where we were met with a mysterious fog and cool temps.
we explored the campsite...
pretty beautiful if i do say so myself. 
then it was time to set up camp. 
because of my excellent stick collecting abilities, i rewarded myself with a beer while mr. lesley slaved away at the fire.
"did you know there are two schools of thought when it comes to building a fire?"
now i do.
the tepee is obviously the most effective method. 
don't even bother with the log cabin, fyi.
for dinner we grilled up some hot dogs and made chicken noodle soup over the propane fire.
i may have eaten 4 hot dogs that night. just maybe. 
i also thought it was a good idea to do a photo shoot with the ax. 
i couldn't help myself. 
oh, and did you notice our reading materials? 
a book partly narrated by a dog vs. a historical fiction novel about ancient rome.
different strokes for different folks.

and one last thing, i may have ended the night by dropping hot soup all over mr. lesley's foot. 
my bad. my bad.
i said i liked camping, but i never said i was coordinated with camping equipment. 

here's to hoping i get the hang of it someday...


  1. Again, I really want to go on trips with you :)

  2. I am loving your love of MI. The picture of the bridge with the clouds behind is incredible. Looks like Pure Michigan. :)