i have met the dog whisperer...

and her name is ann mcdonald.

here's the story...
basically, i was getting really tired of carrying 5 different types of treats with sir winston and i on our walks and trying to stick treaties in his mouth every time he saw another dog. 
i was also tired of his inability to function with other dogs while on walks.
oh, and the whole freaking out whenever anyone came to the door didn't help either.

something wasn't working.
we needed to call for reinforcement.

enter the dog whisperer.

she came for a home visit on friday afternoon.

here are some things we learned...
1. someone knocks on the door? box sir winston out, maintain a no winston zone by the front door, get him to sit down, then ignore him.
2. out on a walk and see a dog? keep on walking and give him some good love taps along the way (just like ceaser). 
3. if a dog doesn't think someone is in control, it will try to take over. 
4. if all else fails, mount sir winston and pull on his scruff. it shows you're the boss. for the passed couple days we just keep saying over and over "winston, now i will mount you. i am dominating you" and every time i giggle.

by the end of the session, mr. lesley and i were a lot more confident in our parenting skills and sir winston was both confused and exhausted.
i'll let you know in 30-60 days if our approach is working.

and if it doesn't, carrying him is always an option.
wish us luck.


  1. Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Its awesome to meet people from Denver that have blogs too! I just moved here so I don't know too many people or much about the area, so its fun to read blogs from other people that live in the area!

    p.s. your dog is AWESOME!

  2. I think this is a great idea. He will do good. Remember now that he graduated from puppy school. ;)

  3. I NEED a dog whisperer for Pete before I strangle him. UGH. Maybe I should do some research for one in my area. Thanks for the idea!

    And PS: I just creeped/caught up on your blog and oh my, your summer sounds AMAZING so far! I'm way jealous.