love can make you do crazy things...

...like buy hiking boots.

first, let me clarify.
there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying hiking boots. 
they are very functional after all.

and if you don't wear them, you normally end up sliding and falling down mountains.
(not that i would know anything about that:) 

but if you would have asked me a few years ago, if i would choose to purchase hiking boot, the answer would have most likely been a confused face and a resounding no.

 i would rather buy flats at target, thank you very much.

but now, things have changed.
mr. lesley might have successfully turned me into a mountain woman.
(i even bought those hiking pants that zip off into shorts). 

but i'm lucky, because i think i may actually like being a mountain woman. 

but, shhh, don't tell mr. lesley.

i like him to think my hiking and corresponding apparel are signs of my love and devotion.
and it's fun to use it as ammo when i want him to take me to get frozen yogurt.

(sidenote: these beauties were only $20 at the REI garage sale, so they didn't break the bank too much:) 

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  1. I need to go get some if they're that cheap! Pregnancy forced me out of all my shoes--my feet grew a half size.