i don't think you're ready for this jelly.

yesterday morning i was reunited with the amazing kari for breakfast at jelly.
i knew i was going to like this little retro cafe as soon as i saw the vintage cereal boxes on the wall.

the made to order donuts, delightful company (it's hard when you're used to seeing one of your best friends every day as you wrangle cats...a.k.a middle schoolers...in the hallway between classes, and then summer comes and your moments together are much more precious), and breakfast sliders made for a wonderful morning.

after an afternoon of packing for our trip back to the motherlands of illinois and michigan, mr. lesley and i joined kjaer and monica for my first rockies game of the season. 

i love going to baseball games mostly for reasons that have nothing to do with the sport itself.
summer air, HOTDOGS, peanuts, beer, and good friends are where it's at. 
and, thanks to monica and kjaer, i now know that you can bring in your own food if it's in a sealed container (i think). how did i never know this before? 

the best part? the rockies won! 
which makes me happy because i know it makes my new friend kim happy (more about her later:) 

what another perfect summer day.
i am one lucky lady.


  1. Oh yes! All of my friends have been telling me to go, and now that I've seen your photos of the inside...oh my. I must get there!

  2. your earrings make me really happy.

  3. Yay for summer!! And going out for breakfast is the best - that food looks delish :)

  4. summer is fun season! we get to do lots of outdoor activities!

  5. Yesss... love the Rockies.

  6. oh my. that cafe looks soooo amazing. I want to go there!

    I love the way you edit your pictures♥

    oh! so lovely