i have no words.


one of my sixth graders thinks i'm sexy.
excuse me while i throw up a little in my mouth.
(and i don't even want to talk about what that little "smiley face" drawing could be)

you sign up for treat day and BAM!
your students have a platform to post their opinions of you.

i guess it could have been worse.
actually, no, i've been called some names in my day, but none other compare to the word "sexy" coming from a 12 year old.

good thing mr. lesley traded a kid 2 pencils to get this one for me.


since i heart hearts and all.

bottom line:
there is never a dull moment in middle school.


  1. I guess you don't need words when your kids can fill in the blanks so well.

  2. It should remind you of your China teaching days where everyone called you "lovely" and "clever". You miss China and you know it. Wanna come for my wedding? :D