hide your kids...hide your wife...

and hide your husbands...
because you never know when a goose may ricochet off a car and hit you and your dog.


how do i know?
personal experience.
and i wish i was kidding.
here's how it went down.

winston and i are taking a little walk around my apartment complex on a warm, almost spring like day.
i see some canadian geese up ahead, so i figure this is a good time to work on training winston not to freak out.
but as we're approaching, the geese get freaked.
i mean, winston's underbite can be pretty frightening.

so they take off in flight asap.

well, unfortunately for one of the geese, he didn't look both ways before flapping his wings and going airborne.
and there happened to be a car driving in the same direction as his path.

so all of the sudden...

-goose hits car
-goose then hits me and wiston with its massive wings
-goose hits the pavement
-i scream, while thinking to myself "i hate these geese, but i don't want to watch one of them DIE!"
-goose is magically revived and flies away to a land void of boxers and moving vehicles.

the lady in the car stops, backs up, and checks on us.
i'm laughing nervously, thinking "of course this just happened to me"
and winston is shaking.

after calming him down with some words of wisdom and a couple dog treats,
we made our way back to my apartment.

i couldn't help but be thankful for the trauma of it all...
because i knew it would make a pretty good blog post:)

word to the wise: steer clear of geese if you know what's good for you.

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  1. this kind of stuff only happens to me and you.

    ps: is that a pic of the actual goose that hit you?