ups love.

today, when i went out to my mailbox,
i found this little lovely waiting for me.


the best part?
i have no idea who it's from.

so please, come forward...you extremely amazing person.
it will make me feel better to thank you properly.

i absolutely can't wait to frame this sucker and put it up in my classroom.
many days i need multiple reminds to "keep calm."
it's so perfect.

surprises are the absolute best.

so thank you from the bottom of my heart...whoever you are.


  1. that's amazing! I wish I sent it to you :)

  2. Wasn't trying to make it THAT anonymous....love you homegirl, I knew it would give you that extra boost when a student calls you chubby, or sexy or they leave their juicy gossip notes out for you to see talking about their dating lives. Keep Calm.......Teach On