the refrigerator...

is one of the most overlooked, yet important, spots in a home (in my humble opinion).
not because of what's inside, but because of the potential of the outside.
i like to think of it as a family's photo gallery.

and what photo gallery is complete without magnets?
ok maybe that's a stretch, but i for one love magnets.
they are an easy and satisfying craft.

so on this lovely sunday afternoon i decided to get my craft on and construct some more magnets for our refrigerator.

my supplies included:
1. magnets
2. pins and beer caps (my favorites include the "no sin" and the "radically saved" pins...if you don't know who carman is, please educate yourself:)
3. super glue and a wire cutter (it helps with taking the backs off of the pins)


and there you have it.
easy as pie.

your refrigerator will thank you.


mine is pretty happy, if i do say so myself.


  1. did you make a "speak english with me" magnet?

    have you seen these: http://twirlingbetty.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/japanese-masking-tape-washi-tape-magnets-a-tutorial/

  2. Dude. As a child I was wayyy too into Carman's Addicted to Jesus CD. Also, I was clearly VERY COOL.

  3. This is so cool!

    The Flower Girl