just another day in the alternate universe known as middle school.

today i...

-got really mad when they were talking about this on the radio on the way to work. what makes everyone who has NEVER been in the classroom think they are an expert on education? (this may be a rant for another post.) Ugh with a capital U!

-had 2 of my favorite students tease my hair to high heaven for "crazy hair day."
dreads got nothing on my dome.

-said: "what makes poetry special?"
only to hear as a response: "chicks dig it."

-bribed my students with the hope of a game and candy tomorrow.
anything to make learning fun, right?

-read a poem with my classes.
the word "brook" came up.
a lot of them had no idea what a brook was.
so, of course, i just looked it up on google on my promethean board.
pictures of this lady came up.
which led a student to write in his notes "brook=naked lady."
i'm changing lives people. changing lives.

-was asked, "miss, how many boyfriends have you had?"
to which i responded, "if you do well today i will tell you at the end of class."
end of class: "miss, what's the answer to the question."
me: "2...nope 3 (middle school bf's count, right)."
students: "that is so SAD. and depressing."
me: awesome.

-took one of my old students (pictured above) out for sonic.
we talked about how weird it is to see teachers in public, what she's working on in art, how my current students are crazy, and her weekend plans.
i ate tots. it was good times.

-ended the day playing pseudo dog trainer.
winston is making improvements.
improvements= not foaming at the mouth at the sight of another dog while he's on his leash.
i am slowly becoming an expert at leash aggression.
and yes, i may be changing professions soon.
just call me cesar milan.

and i think that covers all the main points.

mostly, i'm just glad tomorrow is friday.


  1. Why couldn't I have realized that more of my teachers were real people? It would have been cool if you were my teacher, Starbucks! Although, having sat in your classes on occasion, it is kind of like you were my teacher before...

  2. I love your new phone photos:)

  3. Chicks DO dig poetry, so, I mean, at least that dude's right. Hahaha. :)

    PS: I love middle schoolers. They say the strangest things, but are still so very sweet!

  4. i really like your photos and i TOTALLY love poetry so YES! :)