yes. i'm that mom.

i admit it.
i took my dog to daycare.

you may think that's ridiculous, but he has to get socialized sometime, right?
and dog parks are still scary.
and he has SO.MUCH.ENERGY.
and his first day at daycare was free.
and, moms, even doggy moms, need a break sometimes.

but because i am THAT mom i was...

1. nervous he wouldn't be accepted to daycare.
2. committed to documenting the process.


mr. lesley and i took him to dogtopia, waited nervously as he went through the evaluation (a.k.a. meet 4 others dog without trying to kill them), and breathed a sigh of relief when they said he was accepted!

we were very proud.


now even though we had the day off from our parental responsibilities...
we couldn't resist from watching him play on the live webcam.
we said "oh there he is!" a lot.
and told ourselves that although this may seem pathetic, we couldn't help ourselves.


when it was time to go pick him up, we talked about...
1. how, surprisingly, we missed him.
2. how we really hoped he had a good day and wasn't like that weird kid in school that smells and has no friends.

HOORAY for us!
he had a great day and made friends!
and didn't embarrass his parents!
although we still aren't sure what to do about his kissing obsession:)


and to top it all off he came home EXHAUSTED.
added bonus for us.
he napped with his tongue out for a couple hours.


maybe i should be embarrassed for devoting an entire blog to my dog's first day at daycare,
but i know i'm not alone in my canine love.

and if your dog slept with his tongue out like that, you would feel the same way.

happy weekend.


  1. it is interesting that they have places for dogs to soicalize...
    I love the pictures...

  2. Hannah, we're soulmates. Awesome.

    I, too, would have been a wreck dropping my dogs off at doggy daycare, even though breaks from responsibilities are so awesome. And they had a webcam?! GENIUS! Bravo to you and your man for loving Winston this much and I for one loved this post. :)

    Also, I can't get over how cute that little "report card" is. Omg. It kills me.

  3. hilarious! i loved it. you're such a great mom :)

  4. Hannah...I absolutely love this. So many people try to tease me about my dog Rowdy... Your blog is representing us proudly.

  5. oh my gosh, this kills me. My husband and I are the same way with our two yellow lab girls (Lola and Trudy). They are our kids, seriously. Sometimes we have to hide how ridiculous we are about them with "normal" people out there because we're afraid they'll think we're some sort of freaks. Super cute, and I like his tongue.

    Cheers to my new fellow dog lover and blogger friend.