drumroll please...

introducing (for your viewing pleasure)
(sir) WINSTON (oliver devries III)

(a.k.a. the snaggletooth:)

yes. i got a dog.
an 8 month old boxer with the biggest under-bite you've ever seen to be exact.

here's how it all went down...
-thursday: check shelter websites for cute pups after hearing about my sister's friend who just adopted a dog and could barely contain myself when i saw this guy's photo.
-friday: call the shelter and inquire of his story (apparently he had a benign tumor on his head...poor guy...and his previous owners couldn't afford to get it removed, so they brought him in)
-saturday: drive to castle rock with mr. lesley to meet him. he kinda won us over instantly.
-saturday night: deliberate. can i really be a dog owner? am i ready for this?
-sunday: dive in with both feet (and my eyes closed and plugging my nose). load up on supplies from petsmart, sign the papers, and take him home.

now, as i'm typing, he's sleeping on the floor and snoring.
i don't know if i'm ready to be a dog mommy, but so far i've learned...

1. dog parks are scary.
2. training a dog to walk on a leash can be hard work.
3. his previous owners knew what they were doing (besides the whole leash walking thing). sir winston can sit, stay, hang out in his crate with no problem, do his business outside, and stay off the furniture. score.
4. head stitches are no joke. yes, he looks like frankenstein post op (photo proof below).
5. i am so thankful to have mr. lesley. i love listening to him tell winston everything he'll need to know about life. dogs need to be taught life lessons too you know.

here's some pics of our first day together...

every pup needs a welcome home toy...
we picked the sock monkey (obviously)...
her name is deb...after deb tallen of the weepies (obviously).


we wasted no time in giving him a bath (sans his head area).
try not to judge him based on his bald head and frankenstein stitches.


he spends approximately 95% of the day with his tongue out.
no. joke.


he's quite the lover.
"give me attention" is his middle name (along with oliver)


and he loves his aunt calley.
(here's the full body shot...said with a kip accent of course)


3 cheers for the next great adventure with sir winston by our side!



  1. Winston!! A) I LOVE him already and B) BUY A GENTLE LEADER. Dogs will instantly walk next to you. I will never go without one ever again.

  2. ohmygoodness. I love your weakness for adoptable dogs. it's fabulous. I also enjoy your use of parentheses (duh).

  3. Sorry the dog park was scary....it is fun once Winston (or you...) is ready! Winston is THE luckiest dog in the world...hooray!