happy things.

in no particular order...

1. winston meeting louise (mr. lesley's 20 year old turtle).
he tried to sniff her. she waddled around/went in her shell.
it was adorable.


2. surprise starbucks courtesy of my favorite guy.


3. my students relationship advice.
they left this note on their table...practically begging me to read it.

here are all the juicy details...

"you should go back out with him because you guys were happy with each other but you and your new boyfriend suck. sorry but no kiss no hold hands. you're his girlfriend. he can't be shy."

"i know but when i want to break up with him i will."

"then do it so you can go back with erick."

"no only when i want to. also i think erick is going out with someone."

"no he's not and if i was you i'll go back out with erick now but i don't want to be like you. no kisses. no hands."

"what do you mean? who should i go out with?"

"you should go out with erick!!!!"

"when i went to skate city i saw him skating iwth a girl and they were holding hands."

(these are the things i live for as a teacher:)


4. coaching v-ball.
yes, although i have no experience playing or coaching v-ball, i somehow ended up as the assistant coach.

so. many. memories.


5. sunflowers because "the sun is shining" and "all new moms deserve flowers."


i hope your everyday is full of happy things.


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