remember that time the tire flew off your car?

we took off around 6 a.m. from salt lake city in hopes of making it to portland (vancouver, washington to be exact) in one piece...

and although the two of us made it intact...
the car wasn't so lucky.

picture this...
we're driving down the highway (about 20 miles from our destination) and all of the sudden the car starts shaking.
we pull over and check the tires (assuming we have a flat), but they all look okay (key word here... *look).
we decide to pull back onto the highway and keep going.

within seconds the front driver tire flies off the car and into oncoming traffic.
sparks are flying.
all i can say over and over is "oh my gosh" as i watch the tire flying down the highway missing car after car.

finally we stop and are able to pull over to the side of the highway.
we compose ourselves...nick calls AAA, insurance, etc....and we wait for the tow truck.

all the while saying "i think we just experienced a miracle" because...
-the tire never hit anyone
-no one hit us
-we didn't hit anyone

God was definitely watching out for us.

the tow truck driver (the nicest guy EVER) picks us up, takes us to a repair shop, and nick's uncle (who we stayed with during our trip) comes to pick us up, where we say goodbye to his beloved car that looks like this...


thank God for...
-super nice tow truck drivers
-insurance plans
-rental cars

the next day we were off (in our fancy ford focus) to seattle, washington!

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