the art of the tim tam slam.


i've been searching for tim tams for a couple months now.

what's a tim tam?

i'm glad you asked.
it's nothing other than the most delicious australian cookie ever to grace my lips.

and lucky for me...i FOUND them.
in california.

(bridesmaid status+tim tam discovery= perfection)

but these aren't just any ordinary cookies.
they have to be consumed via an important process in order to get the full effect of their amazing-ness.

here's a step by step guide to the process via a regular aussie...
(although i'm partial to taking small bites off two of the corners)

seeing as both nick and i had been in search of these million dollar cookies...
we had to seize the "tim tam slam" moment together.

the chocolate got all over my teeth...nick dropped his cookie in his hot chocolate...i got very intense about the whole process (i'm very serious about my sweets)...it was glorious.


oh how i love these moments.

summer you've been good to me.


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  1. I am so wanting a tim tam slam now.... the ORU Australian basketball girls use to be my tim tam pushers..