wedded bliss.


i met heather my first year of teaching in china.
i thought she had great legs; she thought i was uber competitive.
that year was nothing short of memorable.
we shared a lot of yogurt and muesli, a lot of laughs, and a lot of TIC moments together.

now 2 years later, i was blessed with the privilege of standing beside her on her wedding day.
she was beautiful.
the day was perfect (the california sun even decided to come out of hiding and make an appearance).
and jason couldn't be a luckier man.

now, i'd like to take this opportunity to thank heather and jason for...

-reminding all of us that adventure is an essential part of the marriage equation
-opting for ice cream sundaes instead of wedding cake
-having a contagious amount of fun whenever you're together
-choosing a reception venue with a retractable roof (insert my mouth dropping to the floor)
-dancing the night away with us and closing down the place
-introducing me to amazing people who love you just as much as i do (well not quite... but close)
-and most importantly...MOVING TO COLORADO! i can't wait to do colorado-y things with you!


now enjoy hawaii you little lovebirds.


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