today, i held in my arms proof that God works miracles.
baby blessing's life was spared after his mother was introduced to The Baby Safe and learned that aborting her child was not the only option available to her.

now, he's a healthy, precious 2 week old baby boy.

as we sat inside their tin shack today, we prayed.
we prayed that God would be with this family (blessing, his older brother, and mother), that He would provide for their every need, and that they would feel his love and know He is their true Father.

these are the moments i will cherish in my heart forever.


  1. What a gorgeous picture and a gorgeous child. I am so excited you get to take this trip! Thanks for blogging about it so we can share with you.

  2. The beauty of that little one takes my breath away. Blessings to you and that wonderful endeavor.