6th graders...


... are just about the same no matter what continent you're on.
(life lesson #8,759)

i learned this today as i went with christina to a local school to teach on human trafficking awareness and prevention (via Justice Acts) to two 6th grade classes.

i could literally point out the kiddos who acted like little clones of my students
including (but certainly not limited to):

-the boy who won't stop talking with his sidekick cracking up alongside
-the insanely smart girl who loves to participate
-the wallflowers
-the wide eyed girl who's taking down notes on everything you're saying
-the table that can't help cracking up when they feel uncomfortable
-the one the teacher has to threaten multiple times to be sent to the principal

today, i was reminded of two things...

1. i love middle schoolers, no matter the continent.

2. although it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the darkness in our world, i am so fortunate to have friends who light candles.



  1. love it. you're such a good teacher.

  2. how fun to be able to compare students in america to students in SA. I can verify that the 6th graders in China are exactly the same. case closed.