becoming a "runner"

i don't exactly remember when i decided i was going to be a "runner"
to me there is a big distinction between a person who runs and a "runner"
and i wanted to be the latter

although i'm not quite sure where the line is drawn between the two
i am confident that it's there
and i think one of the qualifications to being a "runner" is to sign up for a race

this past january, i made the resolution to run a half marathon before 2011
and unlike most of my resolutions,
i actually accomplished this one
and let me tell you...
i was incredible (other worldly even)

may 16th
6:45 a.m.

i joined about 3,000 other runners at the start line for the colfax half marathon
and almost peed my pants because i was so nervous

but to my surprise...
i was the best run of my life

the music on my ipod, the smiles, claps, and cheers from the spectators, the warm sunshine, the stranger i made my running partner, the people i love so dearly who came to support me, and the realization that with every step i was getting closer and closer to accomplishing my dream made the whole experience surreal

i loved every second.
does that make me crazy?

here's proof...

(calley snapped this at around mile 10...i can't even describe how happy i was to see her face)

i did it!

right before they herded us into a building, threw free stuff in our faces, and tried to serve us bbq sandwiches.
seriously? who wants bbq after running 13 miles?
sick and wrong i tell you.
(don't you love my running outfit...yes, i'm straight out of 1983)


love, love, love these ladies.
their signs and their faces made me SO happy.


aaron and scootie:)


i got a medal!!!!


my biggest fan.
she even cried when i crossed the finish line.
where would i be without her?


if nothing else, hopefully this inspires you to accomplish the dreams in your heart.
all the work it took to get to this point was completely worth it.

i am convinced there is nothing quite like seeing a dream become reality.
it's kind of addicting actually.
i'm already planning my next race:)

who's with me?


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  1. I so wish I could have been at the finish line.
    great job, friend.