I miss writing.

It's 1:45 pm.

My 6th hour will be making an appearance in T-5 minutes.

I just thought about my blog and how I've just about abandoned it.

It made me sad.

I miss writing.

I make my kids do it everyday and yet, I've felt too discombobulated (I have no idea if that's spelled right) to write any coherent sentences (apart from lesson plans).

I just told myself I need to make time for writing.

Here's the first step...

Thank you blogosphere for inspiring me once again.


  1. I love that you love writing...I hope you do find time to write more and you don't let the little angels zap your spirit.

    You inspired me to write...see! Your writing, even on a blog, is inspiration.


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  3. I miss your writing, too.

    do you need me to give you assignments? I can pretend to be Dr. Meyers. or Dr. Epperson.

    who do you prefer? ;)