i left my heart in south korea. (video edition)

In the spirit of Danny Tanner (I feel like he must of had a video camera along with his clipboard of fun) I thought it was necessary to document via video.

Clip #1- Boarding the plan.
"Guys, we're going to South Korea!!!"
Kara was excited. And so were we. Just in a different way I guess.

Clip #2- Zac's debut.
"He doesn't even need a passport..."
I know. I know. 23 years old aren't supposed to carry barbie dolls in their purses.
But I just couldn't resist.

Clip #3- First impressions of Seoul.
Quite, clean, and orderly.
We were in shock.

Clip #4- Meet Ron.
NOT Ronald.
Our first (and what turned out to be only) couchsurfers host.
"There's just a lot of juxtaposition going on here..."

Clip #5- So maybe we got a little lost that first night.

Clip #6- Itaewon.
Celeste was in heaven.
"I'm just in awe of now many black people (I'm just gonna put it out there) I am seeing."

Clip #7- Zac makes a friend.
This might be one of my favorite videos of the trip.
Those Koreans just loved Mr. Efron.

Clip #8- Children's Day madness.
It's official.
Asian kiddos are the cutest in the world.

Clip #9- Korea is adorable.
Art Box is heaven.
"How many times can we say 'adorable' in this video?"

Clip #10- N. Seoul Tower.
I just really like the random woman running at the end of the video.

Clip #11- WAFFLES!!!
There's really not much more to say.

Clip #12- CUPCAKES!!!
a.k.a. the waffle's girlfriends.

Clip #13- Left Behind.
I can still see images of Kara's panicked face as the train left the station.

Clip #14- Stood up.
Ron was supposed to take us out for Greek food, but he never showed
(he claimed a time mix up).

Clip #15- Goodbye South Korea.
"China is our wife or husband. Seoul is the girlfriend, good looking secretary. We watched her saunter around our desk this week. Alright male secretary."

And now the documetation is complete.


  1. ok, so quite possibly the funniest documentation ever :)

    love Zac ... the running girl ... and how Hannah didn't know about the skeletons

    love how Hannah was laughing that Kara got left behind ... love the witty comments about the cupcakes and waffles love affair ... and love the commentary on Seoul

    wish I coulda been there with you!!

  2. "we're committed to china. we love china."