i left my heart in south korea. (photo edition)

Kara, Celeste, and I took a little holiday to Seoul, South Korea.
It was fabulous.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the trip
(although it was hard to narrow it down from the thousands we took).

Now for some trip memories, recaps, and favorite quotes:

1. Kara getting her backpack strap caught in the escalator.
2. Being surrounded my murses (man purses) and liking it.
3. Ronald. "There's a lot of juxtaposition going on here...."
4. Home Plus=mustard, cereal, and 3 sets of wide eyes and open mouths.
("I'm sorry but I just saw that they have CEREAL here!!!")
5. "Wait, isn't his apartment in that building?"
6."His name tag says 'ELDER.'" ... "Follow him."
7. Yoido. overwhelming but amazing. with a lot of matching outfits thrown into the mix.
8. Itaewon: Celeste's heaven.
9. "Get outta here" my message to Rachel and the crazy whistle man's message to us.
10. Shopping in Seoul=etsy.com
11. I now have a new appreciation for the Olsen twins.
12. ART BOX: Kara and my heaven.
13. N. Seoul Tower: Don't forget your lovers' locks.
14. Ji= great new friend (who doesn't hate us:) who took us out for italian food, belgium waffles, and cupcakes!!!
15. "The cupcake's boyfriend is totally the belgium waffle."
16. Abandoning Kara at a subway stop (I can still see the terror on her face) and watching Celeste just make it on the train by remembering a very important base slide move from little league.
16. Anglican Church of Korea: beautiful and just felt so good.
17. Getting stood up, but making it up to ourselves with mexican food and ice cream.
18. "She's like, 'Whatever, I'm gonna have a whopper, and I don't even care.'"
19. "You girls were saved from the pit."
20. I like meeting up with ORU grads internationally (Rachel, Christie, Candice, and Rikkie).
22. Baring it all (literally) to a middle aged Korean woman.
23. Swine Flu.

***Stay tuned for some video interviews from the trip.***

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