China why have you forsaken Hanbone?

Good morning, good afternoon, and GOODNIGHT. Many of this blog's viewers I'm sure are located all over the world. So just wanted to cover all of my bases. Something dreadful has occurred. And I'm not talking about Hannah singing that karaoke again. Worse, China has officially blocked Hanbone's BLOGSPOT. How? We don't know. Why? Probably just to show they can. (at least hannah thinks) So I am here to fill in and make sure all the friendly followerzzz are updated with this drastic news : ( On behalf of Hannah Lynn Devries. She wants you all to know how devastated she is right now in the wake of this situation. But she is not losing hope, and truly believes that one day she will be re-united with her blog and her followers. Until then, keep her in your thoughts and your P's. She needs it more than ever right now.....and so does her blog! On another note....can anyone say abstract Jaws up there?! Will check back in soon.....PEACE, Love and Obama

Hannah's true college homegirl


  1. WHAT??? for real?? that's because she's just too cool :)

  2. update!

    I know you've only been in America for 2 days, but


    I need pictures and stories asap.