he is risen.

I love Spring. I can feel the energy of the season all around me. I love riding my bike in the sunshine and seeing signs of new life popping up in secret corners. It's all just so lovely...

But all the natural beauty around me pales in comparison to the beauty that is Easter. What an amazing holiday. Death is not the end for us. Because He conquered death, once and for all, we too can live in newness of life. That in itself is a cause for celebration.

And so, we celebrated...
first by dying eggs with our students...

These girls are some of my favorites.
Heather, Nancy, Mei, Snow, Rena, Dawn, and...

...Lydia (on the left)

So when I was about 12 I ate myself sick by consuming a couple of boxes of Peeps one fateful Easter Eve. Every Easter since the sight of these sugary bunnies has made me gag. But this year Bakerella gave me a new love for Peeps. Now I think they are adorable.

I really love Heather.
And I love that she loves Peeps.

We continued to celebrate this morning with all the ELT teachers.
I made cinnamon rolls (too bad I couldn't eat them...yes, we picked a horrible month to cut out sugar) and some more colored eggs. I couldn't resist adding the Peeps (on toothpicks they look so much cuter).

After a great morning, we headed to the "seaside" to grill out and throw the frisbee.

Bobby borrowed a grill (Chinese style) from a local bbq restaurant.
Such a great idea.

Check out these fabulous Easter plates.
Thanks Mrs. Blain!

I love these girls.
I was so proud of Celeste for sporting my shades.

Mark and Carrie- ELT's favorite married couple.

Sometimes I feel like paparazzi.

Everyone sporting my sunglasses collection.

Everything was going great. Until....
Kara came back from wandering down the beach and told us she had stepped on a rusty wire.
All the girls rushed to the scene...

after assessing the situation, we decided she should go get a tetanus shot at the hospital.
Hospitals here can be a little "interesting," so I was proud of her for being so brave. Don't worry though. She is fine now. She kept her foot. Everyone's happy.

As I left to go back home today I noticed this man watching us.
What can I say?
We are celebrities here:)

Happy Easter everyone.
He is risen!
Go celebrate already.
Peace out.


  1. um. we all know I am the paparazzi...and that was a clever way to use that last picture.

  2. I'm glad that I get to spend these days with you.

    We will definitely be friends forever. There's no doubt.

  3. This comment made by Rena!!!

  4. This comment made by Rena!!!!