chalk it up.

I don't mean to brag, but I did win best handwriting in my freshman year Spanish class in college. So you can imagine my confidence level when Kara and I decided to participate in our school's "chalk handwriting" competition. Of course (as with anything we do here in China), we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into...

Pre-competition photo opp with other teachers from the department of foreign affairs...

and the air-hostess girlies.

Moments before the competition...

and so it begins.

Next, it was time for the teachers.
Allen was a little nervous.

"Team Excellent"- a.k.a. the three of us who didn't write in Chinese

Not gonna lie...I was a little nervous too.

Kara's finished product.
I think she won.

My turn.
Can't go wrong with a little Emily Dickinson and some cursive...

Posing for the crowds:)

If the girls' facial expressions mean anything...
I totally lost.

Final thoughts...


  1. awesome!!! so dude, what happened? did you win? lose? was everyone just totally confused by the English? lol and ps If I had done it I would've written in cursive too, my printing is like chicken scratch

  2. "you're more special than your handwriting."

    Those are words to live by for sure.

  3. "If the girls' facial expressions mean anything...
    I totally lost."

    You're funny, Hannah.