it feels like it might be hope.

we went to the seaside today
heart "goggles", egg salad, pineapple sticks,
bugles, journals, and ipods in tow
we went in honor of Laura,
to breath in the sunshine, to laugh, to cry, to remember
we brought along our cameras (of course)
and took too many pictures
we laid in the sand
we searched for seashells
we played with a little dog with soft fur
who loved to bite our hair and give kisses
we listened to the waves crash on the shore
we took off our shoes
we sunk our feet deep into the sand
we acted like middle schoolers
we wrote and wrote and wrote
we just knew my mom and Laura were smiling down on us
we felt hope

"Behold, I make all things new."


  1. that's an awesome poem, and it makes me happy to read :)

  2. I can't think of friend I would have rather spent yesterday with. Thank you. It makes me smile to think that your mom and Laura are together because I'm sure your mom's a lot like you--amazing.

  3. have i told you 2 yet that i'm going to be spending weeks at a time in ndh after next week is finished. b/c i can't have posts like this continue and not be a part of it :)

  4. the doll pictures are amazing and made me love you (and miss you) more. this is great. thanks for sharing.

  5. inspired!! i know they were smiling on you.