HVCFL's got talent.

Last night we hosted our first annual, ELT Edge talent show.
It was amazing. Here are some of the highlights...

Pre-show kazoo making

The excitement is growing.

Interview with Penny the roller blading dancer.
You just wait for her performance.

I volunteered to be the DJ.
Not sure if that was the best decision.

You can't have a talent show without a High School Musical song!
(at least in my opinion)
These girls were precious.
They held hands.

A little jazzercise action...

Peter and Kara got into it.

Chinese Britney Spears.

Penny in all her glory.

We finished it off with a butchered rendition of the Chinese smash hit "Julia."

And then...like always...we become superstars.
Let the photo shoots begin...

I like being famous.


  1. the only thing that could have beaten Penny's performance is one of your famous gymnastics routines. I'm sorry I forgot the balance beam.