change is inevitable. 
life brings about new relationships, and locations, and ways of thinking.
friendships start to look different, people lose touch, and sometimes we find we can't quite connect in the same ways we once did.

when we are lucky, there are those relationships that can compete with life.
they don't fold through distance, they don't wear thin over the years, they stay right where you put them.
they are the good ones. 

this past weekend, i had the chance to reunite with some of those good ones {we missed you desperately adri and bethany!}
my college girls will forever be some of my favorite people on the planet, and it doesn't seem to matter where we live, or who's married, or who has children, or where life has taken us since college. 

once we arrived in salem, oregon, it was like nothing had changed. 

we slept in, cuddled with chelsea's new puppy coco chanel {i die}, explored a beautiful waterfall, drove to the coast, snuck in pops to restaurants, dominated beach jumping pictures, tramped it up, tried to do a photo shoot on the side of the road {relax your face!}, ate mexican food {i would LOVE more beans!}, karaoked with a tambourine in hand {making ORU proud}, enjoyed a delicious brunch at a vineyard {thanks joe and jan!}, introduced char to voodoo doughnut, and filled in the gaps with a whole lot of laughter. 

  i know that life will continue to change us.
i am grateful for growth and adventure, but i hope my friendship with these ladies will stay right where we've put it. 

and i'm already planning our denver reunion in 2015, so there's that.


  1. Awww... Sounds like you ladies had an absolute blast!!!

  2. This is what summer is good for!

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