29 lessons in 29 years.

in honor of living 29 years on this grand earth, i thought i would share with you some life lessons that have come my way in my old age. 

1. life is full of surprises. you may have an idea of how things will go, but you should just go ahead and get over that before you get all bratty that things didn't go your way. 

2. very few things feel as good as a long hearty cry.  

3. getting married is pretty much the best. and even if you can't imagine farting in front of the man you love, you will. a lot. and it will make you laugh, every. single. time.

4. always, always, always travel. seeing the world is something you will never regret.

5. your job is important, but it's not the most important. do your best and then go home and have a life.

6. every season has it's advantages, but summer is clearly the best.

7. finding a good book is a one of the greatest treasures.

8. just because something is hard, doesn't mean it's bad. normally the hardest experiences are the ones that grow us the most.

9. God speaks through his creation. if you don't get out and explore, you miss the beauty and the wonder and the reminders of your small spot in this huge world.

10. don't try to eat sushi after you get your wisdom teeth pulled. don't say i didn't warn you.

11. own a dog. few things are better for your mood and self esteem than the perfect way a dog is so excited to greet you at the door.

12. run a race. you will feel inspired and motivated and comforted and your body will thank you for it.

13. if you're ever taking yourself too seriously, sing talk. you will feel like a musical star and will start laughing almost instantly.

14. speaking of singing, karaoke. one of life's greatest joys. hand me a mic and turn up "i wanna dance with somebody" by whitney, and i am the queen of the world. 

15. God loves us. all of us. every part of us. a lot more than we can comprehend. 

16. don't use suave. 

17. vulnerability is powerful.

18. fresh flowers do a lot in the area of making a house a home. my favorites are sunflowers and hydrangeas, in case you were wondering.

19. there is NO SHAME (i repeat NO SHAME) in falling asleep every time you watch a movie. your real friends will accept you just the way you are.

20. people think about you a whole lot less than you think.

21. don't go shopping with a boy. just don't do it. 

22. "to do" lists are much more rewarding when you make little boxes to check off. and if you don't make a "to do" list daily, i'm not sure if we can be friends.

23. it's a wonderful thing to open your home, cook a meal, and sit around the table with the people you love. being hospitable takes practice and you will probably ruin a few meals in the process.
 the important part is opening your home, not demonstrating perfection.

24. pie trumps cake any. day. of. the. week.

25. swinging on a swing set is considerably less fun and more nauseating the older you get.

26. there is something magical about going to a concert.

27. it is completely acceptable (and highly encouraged) to put on your pjs as soon as you get home from work.

28. don't be so hard on yourself. God both blesses and redeems, and there is always more than enough grace to go around.

29. life is a beautiful gift. meant to be cherished and celebrated every day. 


  1. I needed this today. And I'm so so glad you were born. Happy birthday, lovely lady.

  2. These are all so true. I tried to pick a favorite out of all of them, but I seriously can't. Happy birthday, dear! Hope it's a great one :)

  3. 3 and 13 really speak to me! I think Sherm and I have actually sing-talked in the middle of biological warfare. Too bad only some of us see potential for a musical. :)

  4. happy birthday hannah! based on this list (and many many other things), i'm so glad we're friends.

  5. Love this! Especially #22. We were so meant to be friends. Happy Birthday!

  6. Gosh! EVERY SINGLE ONE of these is like straight from my life. And those swings.... seriously!

    Happiest birthday!

  7. One of my favorite posts to date! love you girl!