on lent.

growing up, i barely knew anything about lent.

the extent of my knowledge demonstrated itself when i thought people who walked around with ashes on their heads for ash wednesday didn't realize they had dirt on their faces.

needless to say, i was clueless.

now that i go to an anglican church, i've learned a bit about the liturgy and church calendar and common practices as we walk through it together.
and instead of thinking these things are somewhat too catholic and possibly evil {as my upbringing slightly alluded to}, i've started to really value and appreciate these rituals and practices and welcome them into my life.

enter lent.

i decided to participate this year because i was beginning to feel like my desires were running the show and everything felt very noisy and my priorities felt askew and i didn't like it. 
i needed to take time to refocus.
quiet some of the noise.
turn to God.
and listen.

lent began with ash wednesday at church, where i was reminded that i am dust.
that life is so very momentary and yet, there is redemption because of the cross.
it was sobering and yet so very hopeful.
i left feeling reaffirmed in my desire to quiet myself during this season and be reminded of what is true.

i chose to give up facebook and instagram for lent this year because it was getting pretty embarrassing how much time and energy i was putting into reading status updates…
 and wanting "likes"…
 and subconsciously looking at moments for what they could give me, how they could elevate my own ego, and make me look good to the world wide web, instead of just living in the moment with no ulterior motives.
it's only been a few days living without updates and filters, but i think it's good and much needed.

i'm expectant during this season.
i am hopeful that as i quiet myself and look to God that i will be reminded of my need for Him.
that in disconnecting myself from some things, i will feel a deeper connection to all the things that truly matter.



  1. I did the same thing, and it's been liberating. I didn't realize how often I capture moments for others and don't live in the moment for what it is. Enjoy the rest of your season. :) Courtney

  2. Yes! I feel the same way you do about Lent. I truly think it's an amazing season where we can grow closer to the Lord! :-)

  3. I can't wait until you're Catholic.