my funny valentine.

there are a lot of things that come to my mind when i think of "us."

i think of meeting in a middle school, in the main office, shaking hands and going separate ways.

i think of our first date and shamrock shakes and talking about disney movies.

i think of you teaching me how to climb mountains and cringing in disbelief as i tried to scoot on my butt as we hiked instead of walking like a normal person.

i think of that romantic date to red rocks where i thought for sure i was going to ruin it all and we were going to break up and how we ate indian food that night and actually worked through it.

i think of our trip to costa rica, praying with all my heart we would not die or get lost forever on those ridiculous roads.

i think of all the times i've cried and felt ok to cry.

i think of your love for movies and all the hours i've spent sleeping through them.

i think of our moments of silence and learning to communicate through frustration and disappointment. 

i think of our wedding day. 
i think of your sweet words and amazing heart.
i think of the joy of being surrounded by so many we love and the comfort that came from your unconditional acceptance of me. 

i think of your damn lamp. i just hate that thing, but i still love you.

i think of the ways that loving you has completely changed my life and reminded me that life is surprising and adventurous. 

i think of flavored coffee and craft beer and mcflurries. 

i think of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, and the ways you can still make me laugh in the midst of them.

i think of how much i hate grocery shopping and how much you loooooove it.

i think of your voice for sir winston. that lisp gets me every time.

i think of socks and shoes on the table and recycling on the counter and all the things "i just can't handle." 

i think of a future together that fills me with hope.

yep, i think you will always be my favorite valentine.



  1. reading through this and laughing makes me so very glad to know you both. :)

  2. This is a nice reminder for me. We don't have to be the same as our significant others. Difference makes the conversations and "talking things out" more satisfying. :)