thanksGIVING party recap.

remember when jenny, sarah, aneta, and i decided to throw a thanksGIVING party to benefit the denver rescue mission

and we exchanged a whole lot of emails, and met over coffee and wine, and invited all of you to join us?

well, it happened.
and it was awesome.

even though my recap is a little late to the party, better late than never, right? 

so here it is. a recap of the night i was reminded love put into action is a powerful thing.

we planned a lot for this night, but we could not have planned for how well it went.

everyone arrived with their arms full of turkeys and canned foods, grabbed a name tag, and started meeting and greeting.

snooze so generously provided the most amazing spread of food and the yellow mugs littered across the tables screamed, "this party is legit!" 

there was a photo booth (as any proper event should) and so many amazing giveaways, where i got to act like oprah, "you get a car! you get a car! everybody gets a CAR!" and run down the rows passing out gifts and goodies to the winning ticket holders.

we got to talk about giving back and doing good and how to make this event extend into helping our community in the day to day. seeing a need and then working to meet it! 

and i walked away that evening feeling grateful to know people who want to do their part to make life better for the people in their city.
who may not know their names or faces or stories, but who can surely buy a turkey and a few canned goods and make thanksgiving a little brighter for a family this season.

i left inspired to stop talking about and looking blindly on to the needs i see all around me. 
to stop making excuses and start making plans.

because one email that led to one meeting can turn into a pretty amazing party that can turn into hope.

not a bad way to spend a thursday night, i'd say.

photos by the amazing, hilarious, and uber talented rachel greiman.