goodbye apartment #10.

it's amazing how your heart can feel so connected to a place. 
a location. an address. a spot on the map.
bricks and plaster and wood.

i'm sitting here crying because we are moving out of our basement apartment this week.
it's in a basement for goodness sake, a basement.
so why am i having such a hard time saying goodbye?

for the past two years, i've called this humble apartment my home and then our home. 

we've battled the sweltering heat in the summer, with floor fans and a strict no comforter rule.

when the seasons change and the heat comes through the pipes, we've grabbed tupperware and tried our best to dodge the drips.

we've watched sir winston try his best to play and prance on the hardwood floors, sliding like crazy and running for safety to the carpet as we throw his toys around the room.

our neighbor and the building super sam has become a part of our family.
he leaves us vegetables from his garden in front of our door.
we answer his computer questions.
no matter where he is in the building, we can always hear him talking.
he lets us use his cable and internet, and we pay him in bottles of wine.
he takes care of us.
and we love him.

we've made our life together here in this basement.
in 600 square feet.

we have learned how to live together.
how to fight.
how to cook in the smallest of kitchens.
how to serve each other.
how to throw spontaneous dance parties. 
how to pray together before bed and read the Bible in the stillness.
how to give the silent treatment.
how to apologize and move on.
how to be married.
how to love.

and because of that, i am sad to leave this space behind.
my heart feels connected to the hardwood floors and the tiny kitchen and the light through the blinds and our neighbors and the life we've created.

there is nothing impressive about this space, but it was ours.

just like the new place will be ours.
a place where new memories will flourish and life will take place between those walls.
of bricks and plaster and wood.

so thank you apartment #10 for helping us grow up a little.
for teaching us about life.
for being the first space for our family.
you will always have a very special place in my heart.

{p.s. we are just moving down the street, not across the country. call me dramatic. i fully accept it.}


  1. Dang - and I just learned the number after 2 years.

  2. This is a great post. Change is hard, even good change! I know that you make your next house a wonderful home too!

  3. I can't wait to see the new place!

  4. Aww... I love this post! I'll definitely feel the same when we move out of our apartment too! The best thing is, though, that you'll be able to make new special memories in your new place!