the best of humanity.

if you want to remember that there is goodness left in this crazy world, go to a race.
run in a race.
cheer at a race.
casually drive by a race.

and you will see it. 

you will see it in the determination of the runners.
some with less than 2% body fat.
at the front of the pack. 
running to win.

you will also see it where the pack has slowly diminished to one lone runner.
an elderly man.
running just in front of the trucks, signaling the end of the race.
he does not run to win, or to prove himself, or to share his accomplishment on instagram.
he runs to remind us all of the power of determination and sheer willpower. 
he runs because it's never too late.

then, there are the fans.
you run by and they cheer for you.
they don't even know your name, yet they remind you that you're strong and look amazing and are doing so great.
they hold signs that make you laugh {"may the course be with you" "hurry mom. i'm bored." and "you are a beauty who runs like a beast."}
they proudly ring cowbells and shake pompoms.
they dance and cheer and scream.
and sometimes, if you're lucky, they bring their own sound system and blast "what does the fox say" in the middle of the park.

today, i experienced the magic that is running a race.
it's so much more than just completing 13.1 miles, although i know it's a great accomplishment.
it's all that leads up, all that is included on race day.

there are the miles and miles spent training.
all the conversations with my favorite running partners.
the commitment and the discipline and all those hours spent pounding the pavement. 
it's setting a goal and then actually accomplishing it.

it's the energy of the day.
the fellow runners, the spectators, a city awake and ready to cheer and support.

it's the best of humanity.
running down the city street.
lining the sidewalks. 

and most importantly, accepting my flat butt in a pair of spandex.

so, if you get a chance, run a race.
be the best darn cheerleader your city has ever seen.

i promise you won't be disappointed.


  1. I wish I could've been there with a sign! You're awesome.

  2. I totally agree- that's why Boston was such awful news. I live the races- even as I cross the start line I'm emotional. I'm just not always a fan of the training part!!
    Such happy faces in that photo!

  3. The elf pictures make a return!