happy birthday hot stuff!

today is mr. lesley's birthday! 
whoop, whoop! 

you made it through another year, old chap, looking as dapper as ever, might i add.

let's just take a look back on all life brought your way in this 31st year...

-getting hitched
-a honeymoon in mexico {where you felt deathly ill the majority of the time but stealthily kept it from me to make sure i had a good time}
-becoming a small group leader at church 
-moving across the country alone for a 3 month internship in d.c. {and consoling me on the phone every other day}
-starting the baker beer club
-a long and exhausting job search
-dominating 2 semesters of grad school with ALL A's BABY!

...just to name a few.

this year has been great but hard.
these challenges you've faced are making you a man of deep character and perseverance. 
a man i am so proud to call my husband.

so here's to the next year of life! 
i hope it's full of love, beer, walks with sir winston, faith, red wing victories, family time, new adventures, unicorns, and rainbows.

love you higher than the sky and bigger than a blue whale. 

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