today i...

-woke up this morning after a traumatic nightmare that i needed a heart transplant. and the heart looked shockingly similar to a chicken breast. you better believe i was asking for a second opinion.

-took my morning class to hear a bona fide sci-fi author present in the library. his first book was inspired by a 6th grade writing assignment. bravo to that english teacher.
{bonus tidbit- said author also owns a tae kwon do studio. awesome.}

-listened to a student respond to the writing prompt "i will never..." with "i will never become a teacher." he basically said that teachers are awesome and kids kinda suck. i tried to say the rewards outweigh the challenges, but i don't think i was very convincing. 

-survived a surprise fire drill.

-caught a spit wad thrower red handed! victory is mine.

-sat back and listened to my morning class have great conversations about their literature circle books.
hey kid, maybe being a teacher isn't so bad! 

-caught three kids in the middle of a lie and got their parents on the phone asap! victory is mine part II.

-watched my afternoon class avoid reading their literature circle books at all costs, and it was painful.
"hi, my name is hannah, and i'm a professional babysitter."
kid, you were right after all! don't be a teacher! 

-spent the afternoon with some great teachers who make me laugh. laughter is key.

-put on my sweatpants approximately 4.2 seconds after getting home.

-caught up with my favorite college girlie, chels. check out her blog for some bomb recipes. 

-read the bible to sir winston while sitting with him on the bathroom floor. i take my mothering responsibilities very seriously.

-made this for dinner, using the broiler, and i didn't even set anything on fire! insert leo d.'s "i'm the king of the world" here. {remember that time my sister set my apple crisp on fire using the broiler? good times.}

-watched the voice. i mean, duh.

-whipped up some chocolate chip cookies for mr. lesley. am i a domestic goddess or what? 

-decided to blog about my uber exciting day while watching the red wings dominate. domestic and interested in sports? i'm pretty much the whole package. 

fingers are crossed that tomorrow will be equally as mind blowing.

night all.

{thanks for the inspiration flower patch farm girl.}



  1. I hope you read Jen Hatmaker's recent post dedicated to teachers. :) Add that to your list!

    And I also LOVE catching people red-handed. LOVE it! VICTORY!!!!!

  2. Yeahhh! I knew you could do it...I'm sure they turned out so good. And cookies too?!?! Sometimes I wish we could be sister wives.

  3. Hooray for those classroom victories! It's always a little funny to watch student's faces when they know they've been caught.

    And sweats? Those are pretty much my weekend attire (okay, weekday attire, too if I'm honest). :)