if the lights go out during the super bowl...

try to light your kitchen on fire instead.
because a light anywhere is a light somewhere.

ok, let me explain.
a little back story may be necessary.

i was assigned the task of bringing a dessert to my sister's house for the super bowl. 
i really wanted to make it good, considering i had brought this for christmas and it should have been named "snot in a pan" instead of "sex in a pan." 
needless to say, i really had to make this dessert count.
i will never claim to be domestic, but i can at least follow a recipe, right? 

after a little research, i decided to make this apple crisp that my friend krista had made for book club because it was super delicious.
apple crisp couldn't be that hard and paired with vanilla ice cream it was a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

i spent the better half of sunday afternoon getting carpel tunnel from peeling and chopping apples and gathered the rest of the ingredients to make the topping once i got to my sister's house.

midway through the game (when it was a major snooze fest), i put everything together and stuck that baby in the oven. 

about 40 minutes into baking, this conversation took place...

calley: how much longer on the apple crisp?
me: maybe 15 or 20 minutes. although, the top isn't really browning like i thought it would.
calley: oh, maybe we could put it on broil.

conversation ends and picks up about 6 minutes later.

me: did you end up putting it on broil? 
{yelled while running into the kitchen}

and in a matter of seconds pure pandemonium struck.
there was screaming and panic and all the sudden the oven was on fire and my brother in law was getting a crash course in using the fire extinguisher {which may have not actually been necessary, but that's beside the point}

the house started filling up with smoke, ash was flying all over the kitchen, and the smell of burnt butter filled our noses within seconds.
{we might as well have covered the crisp with aqua net, the way that butter burst into flames.}

but fear not...the fire was put out stat! thanks to aaron's cat like reflexes and ability to spray down the stove and countertops within seconds.

but after the smoke had somewhat cleared and the burnt smell only partially lingered...
my poor apple crisp didn't make it.

i actually considered scraping off the top and eating the apples but last time i checked it wasn't exactly safe to eat fire extinguisher ashes.
and instead of being in a bowl with ice cream, my beloved "crisp" {and crisp it was} 
spent the evening cooling off on the back porch.


don't worry though, we all learned some valuable lessons last night.

#1 broiling is no joke.
#2 almost lighting your house on fire sure will make the evening interesting.
#3 it's better to be safe than sorry. a.k.a. you have a fire extinguisher for a reason, so don't be afraid to use it.

and, last but not least, 

#4 i'm never making dessert again.
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  1. Cole and I did this once with {ironically enough} an apple pie. Set it to broil, minutes later.... DANGER!
    It was quite terrible but definitely a memory we'll always laugh about.