tight cardigans, skinny jeans, and amazing icelanders...oh my!

sigur ros is a band from iceland.
none of their songs are in english, so you never have to worry about knowing the words. 
and they are absolutely incredible. 

they are so good that when we heard they were coming to denver, we knew we just had to buy tickets. 
what we didn't know was just how incredible the people watching would be once we got there.

i know some people would consider me a hipster.
i admit, i have extra large dark rimmed glasses, rock my skinny jeans with the best of 'em, and enjoy listening to records while sipping on a hot cup of coffee.

but, i don't hold a candle to the gems we watched while waiting in line for the concert. 
it was like nothing we'd ever seen. for reals.

we learned a few things about the true hipster culture that night, including...
-the tighter the cardigan, the more perfect the fit {like if you normally wear an XXL, you should definitely get an XS.}
-skinny jeans aren't skinny enough until you lose all circulation in your legs.
-the rat-tail is making a comeback.
-see through gaucho pants are the wave of the future.
-beards. if you are a hipster you must have one.
-the more you make people say, "i just don't get it," the more you've arrived.
-high top keds do exist. and men wear them.
-the more unkempt, the better.

and last, but certainly not least...
-when all else fails, look completely aloof.
once we got inside, found a good spot to sit {standing is for the birds...and the hipsters}, continued the people watching fun, and endured the opener {when i say "endured" i'm being kind. i don't even know what was happening behind the curtain, but it wasn't music}, it was time for the wonder and glory to begin.
the band started surrounded by floor to ceiling sheer curtains around the stage, as the music started and the graphics and lights covered the screens.
then the curtains dropped, revealing all the goodness. 
a sigur ros concert is something you just have to experience once in your life, and nothing i could write about it would ever do it justice.

so here's a little taste so you can see for yourself...
bottom line: whatever you do, go see sigur ros.

and stop calling me a hipster already:)

p.s. i will leave you with a joke...

"how did the hipster burn his tongue? 
he drank his coffee before it was cool." 



  1. This is awesome. You're my most favorite hipster, for sure.

  2. We babysat for some friends who went and as soon as they came home and told us about it we regretted not getting tickets. Another friend said it left him speechless. Who cares if it makes you a hipster? Good is good!

  3. I have been trying to go see Sigur Ros for the last 8 years. Seriously.

    This post hurts my heart greatly because I was not there.


    I'm glad you were.