iowa, we're coming for ya. and wisconsin, you're not safe either.

mr. lesley is on a hunt. 
and it's very, very serious.

yes, you guessed it.
he is on a very important search for all fifty state quarters. 

tonight he showed me this card with all the states he needs conveniently listed to keep the mission ever before him. 
it will stay in his wallet until he is victorious.

one day this state quarter album will be full and glorious.
want to know the best part of it all? 

he wrote the names of the states on the back of his factory bread outlet punch card. 

thrifty and a collector of treasures? 

how did i get so lucky? 

{but seriously, if you have an iowa, wisconsin, minnesota, kansas, wyoming, or oklahoma quarter, we will gladly take if off your hands.}


  1. Precious.

    I'm sure I can get you an Oklahoma one when I'm home in a few weeks. I'll search the quarters!

  2. OK Hannah....This is Kelly, Laura and Lele's friend from back in Buffalo..you and I met while you were still in school at ORU, my old roommate and I were up in CRH seeing the sights....could I draw this out anymore...Laura directed me to your sweet blog, SO FUN! To the point already...I love a challenge and a challenge that is a good cause for someone else!! So I read the blog jumped up and immediately found OKLAHOMA!!! It is the Chickasaw version from 2011. I will be happy to look for the others in our quarter jar and would be happy to send all finds your way...and I just might need to look for “a life” while I am there!

  3. Haha, my stepmom was super into collecting these for all of us to. I actually have one of those somewhere with all the quarters including one from the year I was born. Yep. I'll try to keep an eye out for ya when I'm at work.