tristan prettyman and that time i almost threw down.

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i had no idea who tristan prettyman was until kendra emailed me and was all, "do you want to go see tristan prettyman?" 
i can never refuse a concert for a female singer songwriter, so i was in.

i did a little research on spotify and realized that i actually loved her.
all the songs off her new album, cedar + gold, are perfectly melancholy, so i obviously couldn't get enough.

i found out the night of the show that tristan was engaged to jason mraz, but he broke it off! 
{the nerve}
so all of her most recent songs come of out the depths of her post breakup despair. 
no wonder i liked her.
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i had a wonderful night with kendra and rachel, getting drinks before the show, chatting it up, actually enjoying an opener for once {you need to know about anya marina...she is awesome, hilarious, and does a mean cover of "whatever you like" by t.i.}, and trying not to get in a fight with the crazy in front of us.

this woman was certified cra cra who had obviously had way too many drinks that night.
flipping people off and trying to start fights with everyone in sight. 
at one point i tried my best to have security come over and kick her out, but they were obviously not as concerned as me. 
just saying. i would have given her a taste of her own medicine if necessary.
i can see the headlines now, "middle school english teacher throws punches at the bluebird while swaying to the sounds of an acoustic guitar."
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now, back to tristan.

i loved her skirt, but i loved her music more. 
this breakup situation created some really beautiful music.
it does seem like the best art comes from pain, huh? 

if you're unfamiliar with her music, educate yourself. 

i made a little playlist for your listening pleasure, including some anya marina, the hilarious opener. 


  1. i love your recap even more. not sure how it was possible, but i forgot about ALL THE DRAMA happening in front of us.

  2. Oh my goodness. I would LOVE to read a story about you throwing bows at a belligerent concert-goer. Next time, Hannah. Next time.