to be content.

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over and over again in this season of life, God is reminding me to be content. 

i am a planner. 
i love to think of future scenarios and plot it all out in steps A, B, and C. 
i have a hard time {or so i'm learning} living in the here and now and accepting everything that comes with thanksgiving.

but when i really think about it, every moment of every day is full of purpose, and when i spend my time wishing things were different or scheming up a future "perfect" life, i forfeit all the life that waits in front of me in that very moment.

i have to say though, living in the here and now is HARD work. 
i have to constantly ask God to give me the grace to accept the daily moments of life and seek to honor Him in everything.

i'm really bad at all of this, but i am thankful that throughout the good days and the bad days, God doesn't stop reminding me that He is there. 
that He is enough.
that He is using everything for His glory.
even the present i'm so badly trying to move on from.

so wherever you are, choose to be thankful. 
trust that there is purpose in everything. 
and be at peace.


  1. This is the hardest lesson fore as well. Ironically enough, I struggled the most with it in our first few months of marriage, a time I felt I should have been the lightest and happiest.

  2. I so needed this today! I've been thinking a lot (too much, really) about my future lately and it's actually been making me really discouraged and discontent with my life. So thank you for reminding me that living in the now is important and being thankful for where we are right now (wherever that may be) is so, so important. :)

  3. Yes!! This was perfect...I'm also very much a planner and have a hard time just being thankful and content in this moment given me...

  4. i've been wallowing in discontentment a lot lately...just feeling so far away from people i love. choosing to be thankful makes all the difference. thanks for sharing what's on your heart.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Hannah
    I feel that too sometimes when life gets so busy. I just get really tired, but it is so true that God always reminds us that he is faithful and is there for us...Everything has a purpose. I too choose to be thankful for every moment of life depsite of my feelings...